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20 February 2009 @ 02:20 pm
The sun is out.
Not only is the sun out, oh no. It is WARM. I feel like running and skipping and singing in public, but I will contain myself. I will get by with listening to The Beatles by the window.
I auditioned for Alana at the Majestic over in Corvallis. Sydney did as well. We are both in the chorus, which was what I was hoping for, but I really wanted Sydney to get Alana.
Oh well, I think we are both lucky to be a part of Shelby's musical.
I feel so bad for neglecting lj, but whenever I open up the update page, I realize how boring my life is, and there is nothing to talk about.
Seriously, I do a whole lot of nothing. I go to school, come home, do homework, and sit around on the internet.
I hang out with Sydney quite often, actually and she brings Andrew around more often than not. It's nice.
I went to the high school yesterday with Sydney, and hung out in musical theater while she practiced for her piano lesson.
As I was watching Debbie yell at everyone, a very profound (not) thought hit me:
I do not miss this place.
When I graduated, I remember thinking that I would miss everyone so much, and I'd visit all the time. But I don't.
I don't miss being one of the ten people in musical theater who actually give a crap about the musical.
I don't miss all the drama about who was doing what with whoever or whatever.
I don't miss needing a hall pass to use the bathroom.
Don't get me wrong, I miss some of the people. I miss Colin calling me Grammy Sheryl. I miss Scott. I miss teasing Mr. Wong. I miss eating lunch in Mr. Winters' room.
But I have no desire to be like Joe, and try out for the musical. I don't want to be in STARS anymore, or go on the choir trip.
I graduated. Damn.
On Wednesday poetry class got out two hours early because the teacher didn't show up, and we couldn't do much without him.
I was all excited because that meant I could catch an earlier bus than I would usually have.
I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and sit outside with my book. The bus wasn't going to show up for a half hour or something.
While I was reading, two boys came up to me.
Boy 1: What are you reading?
Me: *holds up book*
Boy 2: Oh cool, I think my sister read that. How is it treating you?
Me: Eh, you know.
By this time, I was getting really uncomfortable. I'm already awkward around people I don't know, and I was sitting on the ground up against a pole, so they seemed about a million feet tall.
Then Don (Sage's boyfriend) walked by, saying, "Hey Brittany."
Boy 1: Oh, so your name is Brittany?
Me: Um....yeah.
Boy 1: Cool. I'm Drew.
Boy 2: And I'm *insertnamehere* (I forgot his name already. Oops.
Boy 1: It's nice to meet you.
Now not only was I uncomfortable, I was annoyed. Don gave the creepers my name. Thanks. Also, I was reading. Seriously, that's really rude. When I'm reading I don't like to be bothered by people I don't know.
But then Don drove up and offered me a ride. So I got away from Drew and his creepy friend, and I didn't have to ride the bus!
Well, I think this entry is long enough.
Eliza: Moulin Rouge (Sepia)luminosiity on February 21st, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)
I'm listening to the song in your icon! :)

I tend to open my update page and then realize how boring my life is, too. Usually I update anyway, haha.

I think it's a little silly when people graduate and then continuously come back to their school. This girl from my theatre department - who, I feel obligated to say, is an absolutely amazing singer - still acts in the school plays, even though she graduated when I was a freshman. She's fantastic, but... I dunno, I feel like it's time to move on, y'know?

I JUST had a run-in with some creepers! D: Hate 'em.
Amanda Gailgodsshortiepjs7 on February 25th, 2009 06:48 am (UTC)
After reading that, the only thing I was thinking was, "What was she reading?" Lol.